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Step-by-Step Implementation Process

At HeyTutor, we prioritize the efficient and effective implementation of personalized tutoring programs. By following these steps, we ensure that our learning plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of each partner school district and provide valuable support to students and educators alike.

Build a Custom Plan

HeyTutor works closely with school districts to develop customized plans that accommodate diverse student demographics and align with district's initiatives and objectives.

Run Background Checks

We rigorously screen all tutors to ensure safety and suitability for student interaction, verifying qualifications, experience, and credentials in alignment with our standards.

Develop Specialized Programs

Our tailored tutoring programs address diverse district needs, including underserved communities, multilingual learners, and advanced coursework.

Launch Blocks

Tutoring program blocks are launched as scheduled, with tutors deployed to schools according to planned requirements to ensure smooth operations.

Monitor and Track

Regularly monitor and adjust tutoring programs based on student performance, tutor engagement, and stakeholder feedback to optimize outcomes.

Update and Tweak

Continuously evaluate and adapt tutoring programs based on feedback and data to meet evolving district needs and improve effectiveness.

Example of HeyTutor
Partner School District

  • Program Type: During and After school tutoring program
  • Target: Supporting students of the top 100 lowest scoring schools
  • Tutor Deployment: 600+ fully trained in-person tutors currently deployed
  • Schedule: Fully managed during and after-school tutoring running daily from 1:00-6:00 pm
  • Curriculum: HeyTutor CCSS aligned Math & ELA curriculum
  • Technology: Tutors equipped with devices to deliver guided lessons with performance reporting


Through this systematic approach, HeyTutor ensures that its tutoring programs are tailored to the specific requirements of each partner school district, effectively supporting student learning and achievement.