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What Is High Dosage

In-person tutoring, supported by a robust body of research, has consistently shown to enhance student outcomes. This effective approach involves small group sessions, where the curriculum is strategically aligned with academic standards and facilitated by trained tutors. Contrary to being remedial, high-dosage tutoring is centered around scaffolding educational content. This method enables students to engage with new concepts while simultaneously reinforcing and expanding their existing knowledge and skills.

How Does HeyTutor’s High Dosage
Tutoring Work?

Consistent and Intensive Engagement

In-Person, High-Frequency Sessions for Enhanced Learning

Our tutoring is conducted in person, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interactions in learning. We offer regular, intensive sessions, often multiple times a week, to ensure deep and effective engagement with the material. This method fosters a profound understanding and retention of concepts, crucial for sustained academic progress.

Personalized Instruction

Tailored One-on-One and Small Group Sessions

We provide personalized instruction through both one-on-one and small group formats, ensuring that each student's unique needs are met. Our in-person sessions allow for direct, meaningful interactions, facilitating a learning environment that is both supportive and effective. This approach ensures every student receives focused attention and guidance.

Curriculum-Aligned, Expert Tutoring

Trained Tutors Delivering In-Person, Targeted Learning

Our team of trained tutors delivers tutoring that is closely aligned with school curricula, enhancing and supplementing classroom learning. We offer this in-person, ensuring a seamless integration of tutoring with the student’s regular education. By addressing specific learning gaps and reinforcing classroom learning, we help students bridge the gap between their current abilities and their academic goals.

Learning Outcomes
With HeyTutor


The data analysis conducted across all HeyTutor districts reveals substantial improvement in Math and ELA from Baseline to Mid-Year scores. On average, Math scores increased by 21.35%, while ELA scores experienced growth of 26.54%.

Discover why thousands of schools around the country choose HeyTutor’s high dosage tutoring program to combat student learning loss and support IEPs.

99 %

Increase in Standardized Testing Performance

99 %

Increase in Standardized Testing Performance

99 %

Increase in Standardized Testing Performance

Real Stories of Students’ academic success and personal growth