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Understanding How
The Program Works

We focus on small group sessions of 3 to 5 students, whether during school hours or after-school, to provide personalized attention and optimal learning support. Here’s how you can get involved:

Ensure your child benefits from this state-funded tutoring program by signing them up.

Contact your child's school to inquire about the HeyTutor program, express your interest in enrolling your child.

Stay alert about HeyTutor’s program schedule, location, and subjects covered during the tutoring sessions.

Encourage your child to join tutoring sessions and emphasize the chance to enhance their skills.

Establish open communication with your child's teachers and seek feedback on their progress.

Parents Make the Difference


Learn how to leverage state-funded tutoring to enhance your child’s academic achievement and overall educational success.

    Did You Know

    States allocate funds for education in their budgets, and a portion of these funds may be designated for supplementary educational services, including tutoring programs. Fill out the form above to find out if your child can benefit from state-funded tutoring.