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HeyTutor demonstrates significant growth across all grades in all districts for Math and ELA


The data analysis conducted across all HeyTutor districts reveals substantial improvement in Math and ELA from Baseline to Mid-Year scores. On average, Math scores increased by 21.35%, while ELA scores experiences growth of 26.54%.

Math Baseline vs. Mid-Year

On average, the students in the Math
program increased competency by


ELA Baseline vs. Mid-Year

On average, the students in the ELA
program increased competency by


Things to consider when partnering with
HeyTutor’s in-person tutoring program


We empower administrators with our online platform, offering a comprehensive view of student performance through data analysis. Dive deep into individual progress, explore session tracking, and gain valuable insights to identify areas where students may need support. Our research based approach ensures effective intervention and improved learning outcomes, maximizing academic return on investment.


The Dashboard records comprehensive tracking of academic performance and user activity. HeyTutor provides data-driven support for informed decision-making, bridging gaps between learning goals and student performance to drive effective tutoring and school improvement initiatives.


Our team of subject-matter experts collaboratively created K-12 standards-aligned lesson content designed to foster your students’ academic growth. Our Unfinished Learning curriculum allows for students to build upon missing foundational skills. To track progress, we employ assessments that enable us to monitor the advancement your students achieve during their tutoring sessions.


Our tutors utilize a structured approach to guide students through lessons. These initiate with introducing vocabulary and dissecting core elements to enhance understanding. The students then engage in whole-group practice to reinforce comprehension, culminating in applying knowledge through data-driven submittable questions.

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